Most Common Types of Pests in Ft. Myers Homes

Every homeowner must worry about pests invading their home. It’s a concern that, if ignored, can cause a variety of problems in any household. You can beat pests at their own game when you keep a watchful eye on the house and inspect for pests on a regular basis. What are the most common types of pests that may infest your Ft. Lauderdale home and cause the need for professional pest control fort myers?


The German and American cockroaches are the two most common types of roaches people see in their homes. It is also the most common pest that homeowners see in their home. These roaches leave odors and fees everywhere they go and may infest cabinets, eat food, and cause other concerns.


Mice and rats are not only a concern due to the damage they cause in a home, but because they carry disease that can easily be transmitted to a human. These diseases are carried through feces and urine, which these pests leave behind wherever they go.

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With the beautiful year-round Ft. Myers weather, ants are a problem that homeowners experience year-round. Just as there are several types of cockroaches, there are also a number of different types of ants that may bite, infest the house, etc.

Bed Bugs

Sadly, bed bugs are a concern for people in this area and around the country. Bed bugs are easy to transport back from vacation, the airport, and even a friend’s home. They’re not easy to rid form the house, but you should take immediate action and get a professional out there at once.

If you want to keep pests out of your home, make sure a pest professional is there to keep them away. The pests above are just a few of the many that can infest your home and cause a nuisance.