Tips For Maintaining Your Furniture

Purchasing a beautiful piece of furniture such as a table, chair, couch or even a recliner will bring a smile to your face.  This piece of furniture speaks to you and will add a special touch of personality to your room.  Over time however, this piece of furniture will become worn, used and aged.  In some cases, you may think that you need to throw it out.  As a tear runs down your cheek the thought of throwing out an old friend seems unbearable.  In these situations, getting a full-service furniture refinishing and upholstery tinley park il may be your solution.

Steam Cleaning

The first way to care for your furniture is to steam clean it.  When we steam clean our furniture, we are removing any embedded dirt, oil and allergens that are in our furniture.  This process will also make our furniture look new and give it a nice fresh smell.

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Cover with sheet or other fabric

To keep our furniture looking new put a barrier between you and the item.  For example, using a tablecloth over a table to protect the wood, a slipcover to protect a chair or couch.  With these covers we are able to remove them, change them up and protect our main furniture in the process.

Keep animals off the furniture

Furniture is for human use only.  Don’t let dogs, cats and other animals sit on your furniture.  When you do, they can leave dirt, hair and other pests behind.  If you want your pets to have a place to lay and be comfortable, purchase them their own furniture that they can call their own.

Use properly

Each piece of furniture has its own use and purpose.  Stay within these guidelines and don’t jump, bounce, kick or otherwise do harm to your furniture.  If you do then it can become damaged and in need of repair or replacement.