When Plumbing Matters To Your Reputation

batavia plumbing

This happens once in a man’s life and he could be branded for life. In a bad way, but all for his own good. That is to say that his wife loves him very much and is still prepared to crack the whip until death do they part. Take the typical kitchen sink incident, for instance. After washing the dishes, the missus reports that there’s been yet another leak beneath the kitchen sink again. And wouldn’t you like to give the batavia plumbing guy another try so long?

And while she merrily goes on her way, trusting her hubby to do the necessary, what does he do? Behind her back? He gleefully nips off to the hardware store and purchases any old rubbish that the sales clerk is only too happy to dispose of. And then back on the ranch, he wriggles his backside under the kitchen sink and proceeds to muck about trying to replace an old and worn washer. Foolishly satisfied, he cleans up in a fashion.

She’s still out. And like the couch potato he is, he sinks into said couch and gets all warm and fuzzy with his remote. By the time she’s back from the mall, he proudly announces that the job’s been done. Come Monday morning, wondering why his clothes are so dirty, it’s something else again. This time it’s the washing machine. She can do little but fume until he gets back from the office. Honey – oh… – I’m so not home.

Because she loves him that much (measuring tape pulled out to indicate said measurement), the marriage endures. And because he can no longer put up with her tantrums but no tiaras, he finally dials the plumbing contractor already. One thing that could not be fixed? The guy’s reputation.